Friday, July 10, 2020
Any Films you want to see in this roster?
MCU's X-men And Fantastic Four: As has long been expected, we now know that Marvel Studios is developing X-Men and Fantastic Four movies. With both properties now under the studio’s ever-expanding content umbrella, this news was inevitable,...
Thanos is dead! Long live the NEW Thanos! It should surprise no one that the supervillain’s recent decapitation isn’t the end of his story, and the new Guardians Of The Galaxy series reveals that while Thanos’...
New Disney Toy Could Reveal New Character In Captain Marvel Movie
Netflix's 'Narcos' Becomes a Comic Book Series From IDW
Black Knight Could Possibly Make His Debut In Avenger Endgame.
Shazam Wears His DCEU Movie Costume on New Jim Lee Cover
First Look at HELLBOY: 25 Years of Covers
Thor and Malekith Ready To Battle In... Van Art?