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Green Lantern

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Green Lantern: Season 2 #3, by Grant Morrison, Liam Sharp, Steve Oliff and Tom Orzechowski, on sale now.

The second volume of Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s run on The Green Lantern has largely seen Hal Jordan trade his usual space-faring adventures to come back down to Earth — literally — as the new Guardians of the Universe task him with completing assignments on his home planet to Hal’s visible chagrin. But even on his homeworld, Hal finds plenty of strange sights and extraterrestrial threats to the planet, recently thwarting a temporal invasion from creatures from the dawn of time.

And now, Hal’s latest adventure in The Green Lantern Season 2 #3 sees him reunite with a familiar face: Jillian “Cowgirl” Pearlman.

Pearlman was introduced in 2005’s Green Lantern #1, by Geoff Johns and Carlos Pacheco, as an Air Force test pilot whose Cowgirl callsign reflected her origins from the Southwestern United States. After rescuing Cowgirl from a test flight gone wrong, Hal was immediately smitten by her, and the two developed a romantic relationship after Hal rejoined the Air Force himself. This relationship would deepen when the two were shot down and kept as prisoners-of-war during a foreign conflict following Infinite Crisis, before staging an escape while shaken by their ordeal.

After Cowgirl was briefly transformed into a Star Sapphire to target Hal, their relationship eventually hit a rough patch after Carol Ferris divorced her husband and grew closer to Hal. Following “War of the Green Lanterns,” Hal broke up with Cowgirl to rekindle his longstanding romance with Carol; his former wingwoman was largely unseen throughout the New 52 and DC Rebirth eras. That all comes to a close when Hal learns from his former commanding officer that Cowgirl has gone missing during a test flight due to an extra-dimensional anomaly.

Inside the alternate dimension, Hal and Cowgirl are reunited, with Cowgirl recognizing her ex-boyfriend immediately. Fortunately, the two don’t appear to fell acrimonious, and they begin working together to discover why the anomaly has appeared on Earth. Hal discovers that the planet is at risk of being caught in the middle of an extra-dimensional war and manages to defuse the situation with Cowgirl’s help before both return to their native dimension once the brewing conflict had been resolved.

Carol and Hal are no longer appear to be in a romantic relationship themselves, evidenced by different romantic interests for Hal through Morrison and Sharp’s run, but it is unclear if Hal and Cowgirl plan to rekindle their own relationship with Hal back on Earth for the foreseeable future. However, Cowgirl’s return is a strong reminder of Hal’s own military history back on Earth and his pre-Green Lantern career as a test pilot, and the former couple reconnects over drinks at their old watering hole just off-base.

With the next issue reportedly bringing Barry Allen for a classic Brave and the Bold team-up with Hal, the biggest absence since Green Lantern’s return to Earth remains Carol Ferris. And with Hal and Carol often mixing like fire and gasoline, the two’s inevitable reunion may be far less amicable than Hal’s meeting with Cowgirl. If Hal and Carol’s latest break-up was especially volatile, even the threat of a cross-dimensional war may not be enough to get the two old lovers to mend fences and reconcile.

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