Female Loki
Female Loki

The first pictures from the set of the Loki Disney+ series have shown up online, and they may give us our first look at the female version of the God of Mischief.

The four pictures feature Tom Hiddleston in regular street clothes surrounded by soldiers in the rain. However, a woman who appears to be Sophia Di Martino is also present. She is wearing a costume that is similar to the ones worn by Hiddleston previously in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, leading to speculation that she is playing the female Loki from the comics.

Loki first became a female in the comics during the Avengers: Disassembled arc, but this happened as he stole a body meant for Lady Sif. Although this change was reversed prior to Loki dying in the Siege storyline, he has changed his form on numerous occasions after he was brought back from the dead. Now, it is seemingly confirmed that Loki will somehow explore multiple looks for the trickster and that Martino will play the female version of Loki. This will raise many questions about how Lady Loki factors into Loki though, as she could be the result of Loki changing his appearance or a version of Loki from another alternate reality.

The apparent confirmation of Lady Loki being a part of Loki gives the series another layer of intrigue. Marvel Studios is set to introduce a number of surprising elements from the comics in the Disney+ show and Lady Loki is just the latest example of this. They’ve already confirmed that the Time Variance Authority will have a role to play, while rumors have pointed to Kang the Conqueror, and the Squadron Supreme being included. With Lady Loki added to the mix, there’s no telling what else Loki could introduce to the MCU.

The upcoming Disney+ series Loki is planned for release in 2021 and will feature six episodes.

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