The trailer for A Quiet Place 2 has arrived.

The 2 minute and 37-second trailer begins with a flashback to the onset of the monster invasion that’s already well underway at the start of the first film. After that, we return to the present day, where we find the surviving members of the Abbott family searching for a new place to call home while they attempt to find more survivors. However, as Cillian Murphy’s character points out, “The people that are left, they’re not the kind of people worth saving.”

By the look of things, A Quiet Place 2 will also take a leaf from The Walking Dead‘s book, revealing that some of the people in this new world are just as dangerous as the sound-sensitive creatures. Murphy’s as-yet-unnamed character claims as much in the sequel’s trailer, even as he helps the Abbotts on their journey and does his best to protect them (assuming he doesn’t have ulterior motives for doing so).

Written and directed by John Krasinski, A Quiet Place: Part II stars Emily Blunt, Djimon Hounsou, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds and Cillian Murphy. The film hits theaters March 20, 2020.

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