Alita: Battle Angel 2
Alita: Battle Angel 2

Although Alita: Battle Angel made its debut in 2019, the clamor for Alita: Battle Angel 2 has persisted since the original’s premiere. This 2019 film, directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron, follows a cyborg named Alita who awakens in a dystopian world with no memory of her past. She discovers her extraordinary combat abilities and embarks on a quest to uncover the truth about her origins. Despite not being a box office blockbuster, the movie has cultivated a unique aesthetic and garnered a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting an Alita: Battle Angel 2.

Recent News 

Originally, Alita: Battle Angel was intended to launch a sprawling cinematic universe. However, despite grossing $404 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo), which may seem substantial, it underperformed significantly in relation to its $170 million budget and marketing costs. As a result, discussions about a sequel were put on hold. Nevertheless, recent hints from James Cameron and the original film’s team suggest that talks of Alita 2 are resurfacing, raising hopes for its realization.

Release Date 

While the release date for Alita: Battle Angel 2 remains uncertain and likely several years away, recent updates confirm its development. On October 5, 2023, director Robert Rodriguez provided insight into the sequel’s progress, stating that production on Alita 2 is expected to commence once the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike is resolved. Rodriguez’s optimism is bolstered by the resurgence of 20th Century, now under Disney’s ownership, indicating that Disney may greenlight production on Alita: Battle Angel 2 soon.

Movie Confirmed 

Producer James Cameron reconfirmed the existence of Alita: Battle Angel 2 in July 2023, expressing his involvement in the project. Prior to this, Robert Rodriguez had mentioned in May 2023 that discussions about the sequel were underway, indicating a strong desire to create it. While the release date is unclear, it appears that Alita 2 might not enter production until after the release of Avatar 5 in December 2028, potentially leading to a release date no earlier than 2030. This extended timeline is reminiscent of the original film’s lengthy development, which took 16 years to come to fruition after Cameron’s work on it began in 2003.


The cast of Alita: Battle Angel 2 remains uncertain, but it’s reasonable to assume that Rosa Salazar, who played Alita, will reprise her role, as she has expressed her commitment to making Alita 2 a reality. Most of the original cast, including Edward Norton, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, and Ed Skrein, could return. Mahershala Ali, who portrayed Vector, may not return. Additionally, Lana Condor, who played Koyami, has expressed her interest in returning to the Alita: Battle Angel 2 cast, citing the vast source material and the immersive world of the film.


While Robert Rodriguez has not disclosed the potential storyline for Alita: Battle Angel 2, it is likely to center around Alita’s quest for revenge against the formidable antagonist Nova, who survived the first film. Alita’s love interest, Hugo, met a tragic end in the first installment, making her pursuit of justice even more compelling. The sequel may also explore the city in the sky, Zalem, which was teased in the final shot of Alita: Battle Angel.