Jason Momoa Aquaman
Jason Momoa Aquaman

Aquaman star Jason Momoa responded to the body-shaming trolls who said he has a “dad bod.” Earlier this month, Momoa enjoyed some time off from making films, with his wife and kids and photos surfaced online featuring a shirtless Jason Momoa on vacation with his family. The images prompted some to say that the Aquaman star had lost his superhero physique and instead had what they called a “dad bod.” TMZ caught up with Momoa and brought up those body shamers and if he cared about what they were saying.

Momoa was asked about his birthday celebration and his Guinness Cake, and even though it isn’t his birthday just yet, he did say “anything Guinness is good”. The interviewer then said that wouldn’t quell those talking about his dad bod, and Momoa responded “Aw, that’s alright” and patted his stomach.

The interview then asked if Momoa was offended at all by people saying that, and Momoa utterly dismissed it, saying “No, not at all.”

Aquaman is on Blu-ray and digital platforms now. As for Aquaman 2, the sequel currently does not have a release date.

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