Army of the Dead Zombie
Army of the Dead Zombie

New Army of the Dead character posters provide the best look yet at the film’s alpha zombie. Nearly two decades after his feature film debut in Dawn of the Dead, Zack Snyder will make his eagerly anticipated return to the zombie genre with Army of the Dead. While Snyder said farewell to the DC’s Extended Universe with his director’s cut of Justice Leauge that was released on HBO Max in March, his next film will be screened in select theaters and air exclusively on Netflix on May 21st.

Army of the Dead follows a ragtag group of all-star mercenaries led by Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Dave Bautista who are tasked with stealing $200 million from a vault below the Las Vegas Strip as the city is swarming with the undead. To up the tension, the government is preparing the nuke the entire city within 32 hours. One of the film’s producers, Deborah Snyder, has already explained the film will feature two types of zombies, the alphas and the shamblers. Another producer Wesley Coller added that the alpha zombies are an important part of the film’s “mythological lore.”

Now, new character posters for Army of the Dead are providing the best look yet at the film’s alpha zombie. Zack Snyder tweeted out the posters, which seem to include every main character from the film, headlined by Bautista’s character Scott and Ana de la Reguera’s Cruz. But the posters also include an alpha zombie named Zeus. Check out the new character posters below:

Producer Deborah Snyder previously revealed that Zeus escaped from Area 51 and started the outbreak. He will also act as the film’s alpha zombie, “the king daddy,” says Snyder. However, it is unclear whether Zeus is part alien or if he is genetically engineered. Snyder also explained that when Zeus bites a human, they turn into an alpha, but if these alphas then bite a human, they turn into traditional shamblers.

Ahead of Army of the Dead‘s release, Netflix already has two prequel projects on the way in hopes the film will start a potential franchise. They include an animated series titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas and a live-action prequel film, Army of Thieves. Snyder also revealed the franchise has its own bible to keep track of its mythology. With Army of the Dead and its two prequels yet to be released, there is surely a lot more that will be revealed regarding Zeus and his army of Alphas.