WARNING – This Article contains Massive Avengers: Endgame Spoilers!

It’s no secret that Chris Evans, the guy who plays Captain America, is quitting the franchise after Avengers: Endgame. But his final actions in the movie don’t make sense and breaks the time travel rules set by the movie.

Captain America travels back to 1945 to live out his life in peace with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell.) Then shows up again in the present as an old man.

It’s pretty out of character for Captain America to just bail on his job. It’s especially out of character for him to bail on his job like this. Going to the past to retire with Peggy would mean that he has to sit by while all sorts of bad things happen that he knows will happen. He gets a front row seat to Hydra taking over SHIELD and causing all kind of trouble. He lives the good life while Bucky (Sebastian Stan) is being used and abused as the Winter Soldier for 70 years. With great power comes great responsibility, but Cap chose to spend the vast majority of his life simply not taking responsibility?

WARNING – This Article contains Massive Avengers: Endgame Spoilers!

Marrying Peggy would probably mean that she never married the man that she married in the main timeline, and the kids she had with that guy never existed. So Steve accidentally went back in time and erased Peggy’s children from history. That also doesn’t really seem like a very Steve Rogers thing to do.

According to the rules of time travel set up by “Avengers: Endgame” itself, Cap going back to the past and getting with Peggy would create a divergent timeline. He would no longer be a part of the universe of the movies. Which would mean that in order to return to the present day timeline of “Endgame” he would have to use his time travel device.

If Captain America showed up on the time travel platform as an old guy, this scene could be playing by the movie’s own rules. But since he was just hanging out on a bench when they noticed him, it seems to be implying that he simply lived out his life and showed up at the right moment. He’s certainly not wearing the time travel device in that scene.

WARNING – This Article contains Massive Avengers: Endgame Spoilers!

The argument that Steve might have actually been Peggy’s unnamed husband this whole time doesn’t fit with the rules set by the film. When the heroes travel to the past in “Endgame,” they are creating new versions of events. Rather than doing stuff that was happening in the background of previous films that we didn’t know about. It doesn’t make sense that the quantum mechanics of the MCU would be different only for Cap.

When Captain America left to return the Infinity Stones to where the Avengers took them, he left with the literal stones. Which is pretty problematic because he would need to return them in their original forms, not as crystals. So the Space Stone would need to be the Tesseract cube. The Mind Stone would need to be in the Scepter. The Reality Stone would have to be a liquid that he would have to inject back into Jane Foster somehow. The Power Stone would be in its orb shell. The Soul Stone to its place on Vormir. But the Time Stone, at least, he could just hand over to the Ancient One as is.

This whole thing is a super-weird mess. It doesn’t fit at all for Captain America as a human being, and it doesn’t fit with the time travel rules. They should have just killed off Captain America in the final battle instead. It would have at least spared us the pain of having to try to figure all this out.

Source: TheWrap

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  1. Great points! I didn’t even think about “how” he brought the stones back. You are right, they should have been in their original form. On top of that… if cap went back in time and lived out that life. What happened to the other Captain America in that time period? Did they enjoy a nice 3 way? lol Or did he end up being frozen. If he did get frozen and the present Steve rogers ended up in the current time line – then that would suggest the frozen Steve Rogers did as well. Which would end up giving us a young Captain America and an old Captain America running around. Definately a loophole.


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