The highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame film is opening in theaters this weekend, and the demand for the opening weekend screenings has forced some AMC Theatres to be open 24 hours a day or more.

THR shared that 29 AMC locations in the United States will be open around the clock from Thursday to Friday, while another 18 are scheduled to be open from Thursday to Saturday or Friday to Sunday, and an additional 17 will be open non-stop from Thursday to Sunday.

The result of these moves will see those participating AMC locations include late night/very early morning showtimes for Endgame.

The theater chain confirms Endgame has already sold more pre-release tickets than any other film ever, so in order to ensure that as many fans as possible can see the film upon release, these AMCs are choosing to stay open for 72 hours beginning Thursday when preview screenings kick off.

Official box office projections for Endgame‘s worldwide opening weekend have been around $900 million, a new record.

There’s also been an expectation that the film will break Avengers: Infinity War‘s domestic opening weekend launch.

Some projections have even called for a possible $300 million opening domestically.

Finally, Avengers: Endgame arrives April 26.

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Source: ScreenRant