Avengers: Endgame drops the mid-credits and the end-credits scenes. Post-credits scenes have been a staple of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies since 2009.

For once, there’s nothing extra after the credits start. Well-trained MCU fans might find that disappointing. After all, they’re used to holding out for just one more tidbit. The bonus scenes no longer feel like a reward for the in-crowd, but like an entitlement for the whole audience. Of course audiences aren’t going to want the fun to end. They’re going to hope for just a little more before they have to trudge back out into the real world.

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The traditional post-credits scene would have been a setup for the next MCU film. In this case, Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is coming to theaters in July. It takes place after Endgame and deals to some degree with what the post-Endgame Marvel world looks like.

Cutting the credits scenes was the right direction for Endgame. The post-credits sequences have always been problematic for directors. They want to tell one complete, totally coherent story. But they had to contend with Marvel mandating, effectively, an ad for the next movie on their docket.

Endgame was always going to work better without the post-credits scene: this movie is about conclusions and catharsis. It’s about endings.
As long as viewers know not to expect any credits bonuses, they shouldn’t be too disappointed with the payoffs the movie does offer.

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Source: TheVerge

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