Johnny Depp as The Joker
Johnny Depp as The Joker

Johnny Depp becomes the Joker to Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader in new fan art for The Batman. Next year, Pattinson is set to take over as Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, a gritty take on the character set within his second year as Gotham’s famed vigilante. Despite production currently being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic (though expecting to begin again next month), Reeves premiered the first trailer for The Batman this past weekend at DC FanDome and instantly set the internet alight with excitement.

As The Batman is separate from the DCEU, Reeves and Pattinson have the ability to do just about whatever they want with the character. Reeves has said he has plans for a full trilogy, and fans have already begun to speculate about where future installments could go. A popular candidate for a future antagonist is Batman’s most famous adversary, the Joker. The Batman has several well-known villains in its cast list, but not the Joker, leading fans to wonder if Reeves his saving his arrival for later. The mere possibility has led to several fan castings, with Depp being referenced more than once.

In a new piece from BossLogic, Depp stars as the Joker on a hypothetical poster for The Batman. With the familiar makeup and the dark, rainy tone, he looks rather menacing. Could he make a good Joker for Pattinson’s Batman? Some certainly seem to think so. You can see the piece down below.

Earlier this year, director Kevin Smith voiced his desire to see Depp play the Joker in The Batman, indicating the support for Depp’s potential casting goes beyond fans. However, as Depp already has a villainous role in a Warner Bros. franchise (Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts), he might be too busy to take on the Joker. Beyond that, Reeves might not even bring the Joker into his Batman trilogy. At this point, it’s hard to tell what will happen beyond the first movie.

Aside from Depp, there are many who would like to see Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck from last year’s Joker cross paths with Pattinson’s Batman. An opportunity could arise within The Batman to bring in Phoenix, but recent comments from DC Films president Walter Hamada suggest that won’t work. In explaining the DC multiverse, Hamada mentioned Joker takes place in an entirely different world from The Batman, indicating they can’t cross over. Of course, this could change, but it seems more likely right now that The Batman will get its own Joker in the future.

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