It has been almost 16 years since Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were a duo in the action-packed comedy Bad Boys II. Now that Bad Boys For Life have started production, images of the actors on set are being revealed from several sources.

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New images of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reveal the dynamic duo speeding in Atlanta on a futuristic Harley Davidson motorcycle. Detective Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) is intensely driving the motorcycle while Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) is in the sidecar shooting out of a mounted machine gun.

Based on the images, their facial expressions along with their intense posture and machine gun firing suggests that a hilarious gunfight will take place.

Bad Boys for Life will follow detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett as they take down a drug lord villain described as “a cold-blooded killer with a vicious, taunting nature.”

Bad Boys For Life is scheduled to hit theaters in January 2020.

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