John Wick Spin Off Ballerina
John Wick Spin Off Ballerina

Ballerina” marks the inaugural spinoff film of the John Wick movie franchise. And it introduces an exciting new direction for this action-packed series. Crafted by Shay Hatten, the writer behind “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” and “John Wick: Chapter 4,”. This movie expands the captivating and violent world of John Wick. It opens the door for more chaos and exploration. Focusing on a new hero while intricately remaining connected to the John Wick universe’s timeline.

What sets the John Wick movies apart from typical blockbusters is cleverly choreographed action sequences and their emphasis on straightforward yet effective storytelling, distilling the plot to its core. “Ballerina” promises to follow this same formula with its sleek action narrative. With many of the creative talents from the John Wick series on board, it will seamlessly integrate into the franchise. As a first step in the expansion of the John Wick cinematic universe, “Ballerina” aligns with several upcoming sequels and spinoffs.

Latest News

While rumors and speculation about the movie and its cast have circulated since 2019. The first concrete news about “Ballerina” emerged in 2022 when several notable names officially joined the project. The most recent update came in April 2023 when Lionsgate announced the film’s release date. “Ballerina” will hit theaters on June 7, 2024. Capitalizing on the summer movie blockbuster season, providing confirmation that the film is indeed in the works.


The fate of “Ballerina” was never in doubt, given the commitment of the John Wick team to expand the franchise. The spec script for “Ballerina” was optioned in 2017, and the character was introduced in “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum”. To pave the way for her future story. Director Len Wiseman, known for his work on the Underworld franchise, is on board. With substantial information available and a confirmed release date, “Ballerina” is a reality.

Release Date

The film’s release date of June 7, 2024, in the summer slot signifies that “Ballerina” is anticipated to be a major blockbuster. Showcasing the studio’s confidence in its potential success.


The cast rumors surrounding “Ballerina” heightened the intrigue surrounding the film. Ana de Armas was eventually confirmed in the lead role of Rooney, replacing Unity Phelan, who briefly portrayed the character in “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.” The film also features familiar John Wick characters, including Keanu Reeves as the titular assassin. Ian McShane as Winston Scott, and Anjelica Huston as “The Director” of the Ruska Roma crime syndicate. Lance Reddick will reprise his role as Charon, one of his final projects before his passing in March 2023. The film also welcomes newcomers Gabriel Byrne, Norman Reedus, and Catalina Sandino Moreno in undisclosed roles.

When Does Movie Take Place?

While specific plot details remain a secret, Keanu Reeves revealed that “Ballerina” fits into the John Wick franchise’s timeline between the third and fourth films. While it won’t advance the timeline, it has the potential to expand and recontextualize the events of “John Wick: Chapter 4,” paving the way for more spinoff stories within the franchise.

Story Details

The simplicity of the John Wick series’ storytelling is likely to carry over to “Ballerina.” The plot revolves around Rooney, a dancer-turned-assassin seeking revenge against those responsible for her family’s murder. Ana de Armas’ casting adds star power and emotional depth to the character’s tragic backstory.

“Ballerina” is expected to intertwine with the ongoing storylines of the main John Wick series. Shedding light on John Wick’s origins from a fresh perspective. This approach maintains continuity and connects the spinoff with the franchise’s core elements. While the titular character of John Wick plays a peripheral role in “Ballerina,” his presence ensures that the spinoff feels like a complete addition to the franchise.