Batman Vs Superman Classic Poster
Batman Vs Superman Classic Poster

One artist has taken to Instagram to showcase a fresh take on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice poster. The 2016 Zack Snyder film was released as a follow-up to the events of Man of Steel, and starred Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as Batman and Superman, respectively.

Much of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice plot revolved around Batman witnessing the depths of destruction after Man of Steel and deciding to check the latter’s power. What results is an all-out brawl between two of the three members of the DC Trinity, although Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman does make an appearance in the second half of the film. All in all, the movie opened to mixed reviews, with one especially controversial moment being the “Martha” scene, which has since been parodied by shows such as Harley Quinn and Teen Titans: Go! 

In spite of mixed responses to the film, artist John Black—who goes by the handle—has posted art on Instagram where he has re-imagined the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice poster in a classic comic book style. The original poster shows Batman and Superman standing side by side on opposite sides of the poster, sizing each other up. Similarly, Black’s poster has Superman and Batman facing off in the same positions, although he’s drawn their costumes in a style reminiscent of traditional comic book illustrations. In addition, Black has added “No. 2: World’s Finest Comic” as a header for the poster, along with the Superman symbol transposed on top of the Batman insignia in the background. You can catch this cool piece of fan art below:

Black has accompanied the image with a caption that acknowledges the retro style of this new poster. More specifically, Black also adds that he created such a poster to celebrate Batman Day. Black’s words are in reference to September 19th, which DC has announced as a global day of celebration for the Bat Family. September 19, 2020, is the 7th time Batman Day has been celebrated, as the initiative was first launched in 2014; during Batman Day, fans are able to partake in a variety of Batman activities courtesy of DC, from streaming Batman cartoon marathons to purchasing exclusive merchandise.

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice remains a polarizing Snyder film, Black’s art is a fitting tribute to one of the first films in the DCEU. Love it or hate it, it’s undeniable that Black’s re-created poster is a heartwarming tribute to the comic books where both Batman and Superman first came to life. That being said, Batman has remained one of the most prominent superhero icons throughout the decades, and Black’s poster is a fantastic way to celebrate Batman Day.

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