Batman Iron Man Style Armor
Batman Iron Man Style Armor

In fan art by BossLogic, Batman wears Iron Man-style armor that looks similar to his Superman battle suit. After a couple years of uncertainty, Batman is currently one of the DC Extended Universe’s most exciting characters. The Batman, a new film by Matt Reeves, is set to come out next year. In it, Robert Pattinson will play a new version of Bruce Wayne, with the movie focusing on the Caped Crusader’s earlier years. He’ll be joined by classic DC characters like Catwoman, Penguin, and Riddler, making for an interesting lineup.

However, the DCEU plans to pay homage to past Batmans in The Flash. That movie will adapt the Flashpoint storyline from the comics, allowing for multiple versions of the same hero. Ben Affleck, the DCEU’s only Bruce Wayne until Pattinson, will reprise his role for that movie. He’ll be joined by Michael Keaton in his own version of the character. Keaton previously played Batman in the Tim Burton movies of the late ’80s and early ’90s. All told, Batman remains a key part of the DCEU’s future and the franchise’s first real attempt at the multiverse.

A new image by well-known fan artist BossLogic celebrates Batman by offering a twist on the character’s look. In the photo, Batman combines with Iron Man for an imposing take on his usual armor. It’s reminiscent of the Mech Batsuit Batman wears to fight Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Check out BossLogic’s work below:

It makes sense to create an Iron Man-inspired look for Batman, especially considering their similarities. Both are wealthy heroes who rely heavily on technology. Additionally, they share a tragic past regarding the murders of their parents, which fuel their character arcs. Without the DC/Marvel divide, it’s easy to imagine Iron Man and Batman trading suits at one point, which each adapting to the other’s armor quite easily. It’s also neat to see Batman in an Iron Man-style mask, since it’s quite different from anything he’s worn before.

In addition to the similarity to Batman’s Superman battle suit, the look is also somewhat reminiscent of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor, at least in its function. While Batman used his battle suit to fight a fellow superhero, Iron Man similarly used the Hulkbuster armor to keep his friend under control. Considering Marvel and DC deal in the same themes and archetypes, this isn’t too surprising. However, it is an interesting comparison. Though Batman will never wear Iron Man’s armor onscreen, this art is the next best thing.

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