Flashpoint Fan Poster
Flashpoint Fan Poster

A new fan poster inspired by The Flash envisions Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Thomas Wayne taking up the Batman cowl alongside Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, and Ezra Miller. Morgan played Bruce Wayne’s father in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – a character who becomes the caped crusader in an alternate timeline in the famous comic storyline, Flashpoint.

Ever since the news that both Affleck and Keaton would be playing their respective versions of Batman in The Flash, fans have speculated as to what else the film’s multiverse could have in store. The Flashpoint comics show an alternate reality where Bruce Wayne is killed in a back alley robbery, instead of his parents. That change sees his father, Thomas, don the mantle of Batman, while Bruce’s mother, Martha, is driven mad by the killing and becomes that universe’s Joker. While The Flash’s introduction of the DCEU multiverse suggests some inspiration from Flashpoint, it’s unknown to what extent the movie’s plotline will mirror the comics.

In a piece of fan art recently posted to Instagram, artist ApexForm shows Morgan as Flashpoint’s Thomas Wayne, in a poster that also features Keaton and Affleck’s Batmen and Miller’s Flash. Seeing all three Waynes side by side is certainly exciting for fans looking forward to The Flash’s multiverse potential, and Morgan is rendered stunningly as the grizzled, hardened Thomas. He even brandishes a handgun in the poster – a sign of the elder Wayne’s more brutal approach to crime-fighting.

If The Flash really chooses to pull primarily from the Flashpoint story, including Thomas Wayne’s Batman would be key. The character plays a huge role in the comics and his relationship with Barry Allen would be fascinating to see on screen, especially given the mentor/mentee dynamic established between Affleck’s Batman and Flash in Justice League. Of course, there’s been no real confirmation that Flashpoint Batman will even appear in The Flash. Fans would no doubt love to see Morgan return to the DCEU in a bigger capacity given his popularity, but for now, it’s unknown if that will actually happen.

Whatever the details are of The Flash’s multiple Batmen and how they’ll play into the story, moving the DCEU from a rigid shared universe to an open multiverse is a great move for the franchise, which has struggled for years to mirror the MCU model. It remains to be seen if 2021’s The Batman will also be connected to The Flash in some way, or if Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will be one more floating in DC’s new web of infinite universes.

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