Justice Society of America Cyclone
Justice Society of America Cyclone

Justice Society of America’s Cyclone is currently being cast to appear in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Black Adam movie. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been attached to the DC Extended Universe role of Black Adam since 2007, before the ongoing wave of superhero films. Once the DCEU began, the Black Adam character was rumored to have cameo appearances in Shazam! and The Suicide Squad. However, that plan has been abandoned as the anti-hero will now be introduced in an origin film that will spearhead a new chapter of the DCEU.

Besides initiating the story of Black Adam, the upcoming film will also introduce the Justice Society of America (or JSA), who, according to Johnson himself, plays a pivotal role in Black Adam’s story. Before Johnson’s confirmation of this, rumors had been circulating the internet for months suggesting the script for Black Adam would present JSA heroes Hawkman, Stargirl, and Atom Smasher. Now, it appears we can add another name to that superhero roster.

According to The Illuminerdi, a casting call has gone out for the role of Cyclone in Black Adam, a wind-manipulating legacy heroine of the JSA. The production is reportedly looking for an actress in her 20s to play what will be the film’s leading female character. In the comics, Cyclone’s real name is Maxine Hunkel, a college student and granddaughter of the Golden Age’s Red Tornado, Abigail “Ma” Hunkel. Cyclone is a relatively new character in the DC Comics Universe, and it is unclear how she will be incorporated in not only Black Adam but the DCEU and its ever-changing landscape.

Black Adam with Justice Society of America
Black Adam with Justice Society of America

The source material sees Maxine Hunkel take up the mantel of Cyclone as a JSA recruit, and it seems likely that Black Adam will adapt this plot point. Black Adam will feature an old and ancient Hawkman, most likely familiar with the equally old and ancient Black Adam. As Black Adam comes into conflict with Hawkman and the JSA, there may be a generational shift in JSA leadership. Younger characters like Cyclone and Adam Smasher (who will reportedly be love interests) might end up graduating into more prominent JSA roles by Black Adam’s end.

The news that Cyclone will be appearing in Black Adam could be bad for Stargirl. In the comics, Stargirl is often depicted as the love interest of Adam Smasher; Cyclone being cast in a similar role could either mean that Stargirl’s role in the story is being omitted or reduced to something love triangle-esque. The CW’s upcoming television series Stargirl may be one of the reasons for this complication. Warner Bros. may not have wanted to distract from a pivotal entry in the DCEU. Regardless, Black Adam is shaping up to be a jam-packed adventure about more than just the corrupt Egyptian predecessor of Shazam.

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