Namor Marvel Comics
Namor Marvel Comics

Black Panther 2‘s latest fan-created poster teases Namor’s introduction to the MCU. According to new rumors, Namor will make his MCU debut as the villain of the Black Panther 2 movie. The rumor does sound intriguing as Namor could be trying to take over Wakanda in order to acquire its advanced technology. 

Digital artist BossLogic created a one-sheet for Black Panther 2 with a mock-up subtitle – Two Kings. This refers to T’Challa as the King of Wakanda and Namor as the King of Atlantis. While it’s nothing but a suggestion, a majority of the fans in the comment section are nothing but thrilled with the idea. Check it out below:

To tease Namor, the words of the poster are settled over rippling water, introducing the oceanic threat. Taking things even further, BossLogic extended the bottom part of the “K” in the subtitle to become Namor’s trident.

If Marvel is going to introduce Namor, it makes a lot more sense to have him first arrive as a side character or villain in an already established franchise like Black Panther. Aquaman is still fresh on everyone’s minds, and it could look incredibly similar if he were to be immediately introduced in his own movie.

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