The long-awaited Black Widow movie might just start shooting sooner than expected. According to a new report, Marvel’s Black Widow movie
will start filming at the end of next month. Scarlett Johansson will reprise her role as Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow).

Rumor has it that Marvel (at one point) considered making Black Widow their first-ever R-rated film within the MCU. But as of now, nothing has been confirmed about the movie. Whether it pushes for more risque content similar to other R-rated comic book movies like Logan and Deadpool – remains unclear.

Black Widow was introduced in 1940, the original Black Widow (Claire Voyant) became the first female superhero in comic book history. The Black Widow character was later re-established by Stan Lee in 1964. Then its second incarnation of the character (Natasha Romanoff) was introduced in Iron Man 2. Black Widow continued appearing through MCU titles up until last year’s Avengers: Infinity War. After years of fan commotion for the character to get her own cinematic headliner, Marvel finally announced that Black Widow will indeed get her own solo movie. Black Widow will receive direction by Cate Shortland.

GeekWorldWide has reported that “production will begin February 28th.” This seems to match up with previous rumors of the film shooting sometime in February. Nevertheless, neither Marvel nor Disney have confirmed these dates.

The film is expected to shoot in Croatia and Miami, with production set to run through March. Black Widow aims to hit theaters in May of next year, which makes this timeline fairly accurate. As for the story’s timeline, Marvel suggests that it will take place sometime before Iron Man 2.

It’s been expected for quite some time for Black Black to be the first film in the MCU with a female lead, but Captain Marvel has since taken that title. Black Widow, much like Captain Marvel, will work as a prequel to the other installments in the Marvel Studios lineup and will be more of a spy thriller than a superhero flick.

There is no confirmed release date yet for Black Widow, but will likely fill the May 1, 2020 slot for Marvel Studios.

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