bloodshot comic
bloodshot comic

While fans have yet to get an official look at how Vin Diesel will look as Bloodshot in the upcoming film, the closest thing that we can settle for is an action figure of the character, taken at New York Comic-Con.

The figure, which features the nanite-filled killer with a sword and a gun, looks a lot like the Fast & Furious star transformed for director Dave Wilson’s film – even if the icon on his t-shirt is immediately recognizable.

Additionally, with the figure coming from McFarlane Toys, it’s safe to assume this is an accurate likeness of Vin Diesel from the new film.

With this figure piquing our curiosity about the endeavor, the film’s director, Dave Wilson, previously confirmed that a trailer should be arriving this month.

“We’ve been in post for a while now,” Wilson shared. “We got back from shooting this November, December. We’ve had our first previews and everything’s going great. All the visual effects gears are turning. We’ll probably have a few days of reshoots just to pick up a few things we didn’t get down in Cape Town, which is where we shot, and hopefully, the first trailer is coming out October if not sooner, getting ready for our February release date.”

Bloodshot is aimed for Feb. 21, 2020.