Captain America Vs Darth Maul
Captain America Vs Darth Maul

Captain America takes on Darth Maul in an epic piece of Marvel vs. Star Wars fan art. The two blockbuster franchises have a lot in common beyond the fact that they’re among the two biggest properties in pop culture today. Both are owned by Disney, and both had massive conclusions hit theaters last year. In April, Avengers: Endgame brought the decade-spanning Infinity Saga to a close and acted as a send-off for the original six Avengers. Then, in December, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker completed the Skywalker saga, which has been around since the very first Star Wars hit theaters in 1977.

Despite both having passionate fan bases, the two films were met with vastly different responses. Endgame was mostly praised by fans and critics alike; while the ending might be controversial for some, overall Endgame managed to tie together the lingering plot threads from the previous twenty-plus films in a satisfying way. On the other end of the spectrum, The Rise of Skywalker proved polarizing among fans. Many were frustrated with how The Rise of Skywalker chose to end certain character’s arcs and felt there was too much fan service at play.

Nonetheless, Marvel and Star Wars remain beloved by many, which is why so many fans are eager to imagine what it would be like if the two worlds collided. As part of an ongoing Marvel vs. Star Wars series, artist Camille Vialet came up with a piece that sees Captain America going head to head with Darth Maul. The two are probably pretty evenly matched, though in this moment, it looks like Maul has the upper hand. You can see it for yourself in the space below.

Captain America is one of the characters who received a proper goodbye during Endgame, with the onetime Star Spangled Man With a Plan going back in time to live out a quiet life with Peggy Carter. Some fans have wondered if he could ever return in some form, but actor Chris Evans feels pretty good about leaving Cap’s story where it is. Meanwhile, Maul was really only featured in live-action form in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, but he received greater attention in various animated shows. Most recently, Maul was at the center of the final season of The Clone Wars.

A previous piece of Marvel vs. Star Wars art saw Iron Man battle Kylo Ren. It would be incredible to watch all of these hypothetical battles play out in real life and would no doubt fuel endless fan debates over who would win. Sadly, it’s likely these characters will only get to cross over in fan art. At least fans can still get an idea of what it would look like.

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