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‘Captain Marvel’ Channels the 90s With Trippy Magic Eye Style Posters

‘Captain Marvel’ throws back to the ’90s with optical illusion posters designed to make you hate yourself




Captain Marvel is taking fans back to the ’90s with its new Magic Eye-style posters.

Now, the Marvel’s Twitter account has come up with another way to stir up ’90s nostalgia for fans by releasing a series of Magic Eye-style posters.

Marvel released five posters in a series of Tweets, with each one featuring a different autostereogram, a computer generated image that appears at first glance to be a two-dimensional pattern. By using a particular viewing technique, some people are able to perceive a hidden 3D scene in the image.

The posters come just a week before Captain Marvel will hit theaters. Leading up to the big day, fans can also check out the film’s ’90s-inspired website, where they can read bios on all the characters and play an old-school Captain Marvel computer game.

Captain Marvel, which stars Brie Larson, will hit theaters on March, 8 2019.

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