A couple of new images have emerged from the forthcoming Captain Marvel film, one featuring the evil Skrulls and the other featuring Jude Law, the Kree’s Starforce leader.

Ahead of its spotlight issue on the upcoming MCU film, Empire magazine released its newsstand cover for the issue, showing the superhero alongside Kree Starforce commander (Jude Law) and Skrull leader Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). Brie Larson also shared the cover image of the issue on social media.

With less than two months until release, the Disney marketing machine is now in full swing. MCU fans have already seen Larson in full superhero mode, as well as her entire Starforce team with a digitally de-aged Nick Fury. Unlike other movies in the Marvel Studios’ continuity, Captain Marvel will be set in the mid 1990’s and will act as somewhat of a prequel to other entries in the franchise.

Additionally, Empire released two official stills showing both alien species in action.

The first image highlights Talos, leader of the Skrulls, alongside a fellow Skrull.

The second image features the Starforce Leader (Jude Law) – and a Kree warrior

The image above doesn’t provide MCU fans much ammo for their on-going about who exactly Jude Law is playing. Unlike the rest of the cast, the identity of Law’s character has been a highly guarded secret amongst the ranks @MarvelStudios. Many fans have speculated that he’s Mar-Vell; The original Captain Marvel. While this rumor was seemingly confirmed by Disney, for whatever reason… it has since been removed.

Although neither of these images reveal anything new about the plot of Captain Marvel, they do both feature some incredible visuals present on both sides of the Kree-Skrull war.

Empire’s Captain Marvel issue will be on sale January 24th, with subscribers receiving an exclusive cover by Artist Doaly. The film arrives on March 8. – Which is also the birthday of @thaddnation :]

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