Scarlet Witch Vs Captain Marvel
Scarlet Witch Vs Captain Marvel

A new piece of fan art sees Scarlet Witch battling Captain Marvel, representing the debate about who is the strongest Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a valid debate, especially when given the roster of team members including Captain America, The Hulk and Iron Man. However, this latest question has nothing to do with any of the men as it focuses on the ladies, asking who is the strongest between Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch.

Beginning with Scarlet Witch, in the Marvel Comics she’s the daughter of notorious supervillain Magneto, so she already comes with the pedigree of having a ton of bad ass genes in her DNA. Couple that with the fact she actually wants to use her powers for good, that gives her more of an edge because if she wanted to flip the switch she could. The family business of villainy was Scarlet Witch’s origin when she first appeared with her brother Quicksilver as members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants back in the 1960s, and as a co-conspirator of Ultron prior to her time with the Avengers in the MCU. Conversely, there’s Captain Marvel who, for all intents and purposes, is the quintessential “good guy.” Carol Danvers, who has a long history within Marvel Comics, has been touted as one of the strongest female superheroes for decades. And with the unearthing of her very own film, 2019’s Captain Marvel, her story and powers were put on full display in the MCU. It also doesn’t hurt that she played a key role in one of the most pivotal moments during the final scenes of last year’s mega hit Avengers: Endgame.

So, what would an epic confrontation between these female fan-favorites look like? On Instagram, BossLogic decided to give the people what they want by posting an epic illustration of both Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch locked in a battle that looks like a deleted scene from Endgame, but represents so much more than that.

The concept, born from the Multiversus hashtag on Instagram, shows both ladies locked in a power struggle to see who is the strongest MCU female superhero. Those who side with Wanda would have to take into account her laundry list of powers including chaos magic, witchcraft and her ability to alter event outcomes. This could prove beneficial if she began losing a battle against Captain Marvel, whose powers include superhuman strength, flight and the ability to not only absorb energy but project it from her hands to deliver devastating blows to her enemies.

Thanks to BossLogic, fans have new art once again paying homage to the Avengers with this captivating tribute. Marvel may want to take some time and think about incorporating some of these fan art ideas into a series, starting with the match-up of Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel. Whether you’re rooting for Scarlet Witch or Captain Marvel one thing’s for certain: It would be a powerful match between two of the most formidable opponents in the MCU.

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