Green Lantern Fan Art
Green Lantern Fan Art

Two pieces of Justice League fan art imagine what actor Sam Benjamin could look like as Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut. Since Justice League came out in 2017, super fans have suspected there was another cut of the movie from director Zack Snyder. This stemmed from the film’s messy production process, in which Joss Whedon was brought in and significantly altered Snyder’s vision. As a result, entire character arcs and plot points were eliminated. Luckily, Justice League fans will finally get to see the Snyder Cut brought to life, as HBO Max will release it next year.

Though some of the Snyder Cut still remains a mystery, fans already know about many things left out of Justice League. For example, Benjamin played a role that was ultimately cut from the final version, with rumors suggesting he was one of the film’s Green Lanterns. A Lantern is seen only briefly in the movie as is, but a missing post-credits scene would have included two Green Lanterns. Though it isn’t known for sure if one of them would have been played by Benjamin, the actor has supported the release of the Snyder cut in the past and said how much he enjoyed working with the director.

It’s also hard to know at this point if Benjamin will ultimately appear as a Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut on HBO Max. However, artists Mizuri and Erathrim are hoping so, posting images that imagine what Benjamin would look like as a Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut. Check out both pieces below:

Interestingly, both artists mention the Hal Jordan Green Lantern, who is arguably the most well-known. Ryan Reynolds played the character in 2011’s famously panned Green Lantern movie, and Jordan will also play a role in the DC Extended Universe’s Green Lantern Corps, provided it ever gets made. There’s also a Green Lantern show on the way at HBO Max, giving WarnerMedia another chance to get it right. In fact, a more substantial appearance by a Green Lantern or multiple Lanterns in the Snyder Cut could tie in nicely with the show.

Since fans already know quite a bit about the Snyder Cut of Justice League, it’s possible some things will remain a mystery until its release next year. An appearance by Benjamin as one of the Green Lanterns could be a fun treat for fans who have long believed that’s who the actor would have played. If he looks like one of the above takes on the character, fans should be satisfied.

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