Lady Gaga as White Phoenix
Lady Gaga as White Phoenix

New fan art imagines what Lady Gaga would look like as the X-Men’s all-powerful White Phoenix. To this day, the Phoenix Saga is widely regarded as one of the most iconic X-Men storylines in the comics. It charts the story of how Jean Grey first acquires the mysterious (and dangerous) Phoenix Force, as well as her fall as the Dark Phoenix takes over. The Dark Phoenix storyline has been adapted into two films: X-Men: The Last Stand and Dark Phoenix, with Famke Janssen starring as Jean in the former and Sophie Turner in the latter. Despite working with one of the most beloved pieces of X-Men lore, neither film managed to impress fans; Dark Phoenix even ended up being the biggest financial loser of 2019.

At some point in the next few years, the X-Men will be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to Disney’s acquisition of Fox. Fans are already expecting iconic characters like Wolverine and Storm to find their way into the MCU at some point, but in reality, it remains to be seen which characters will get full reboots. So far, Marvel has kept their plans close to the vest, and fans are eagerly awaiting some new updates.

A big question on many fans’ minds is, who will be cast as the MCU’s X-Men? There are certainly a lot of ideas floating around, and artist Carlos Gzz has thrown a new name into the mix: Lady Gaga. In a new piece of fan art, Lady Gaga has been reimagined as the X-Men’s White Phoenix, which was introduced when Jean and the Phoenix Force merged into one being. How does she look?

While Lady Gaga is best known for her music, she’s proven her acting chops over the years in projects like American Horror Story: Hotel and A Star Is Born. She was even nominated for an Oscar for the latter. Plus, when considering her style, she actually seems like a solid choice for a potential White Phoenix. Of course, not everyone may agree, but it’s hard to deny that this art looks really great.

Considering how there have already been two films covering the Dark Phoenix storyline, it seems unlikely that Marvel will attempt to do a third. They would probably be better off trying something else for their new X-Men, though if anyone could adapt Dark Phoenix properly, it would probably be the MCU. Fans will just have to wait and see what Marvel has up their sleeve when it comes to the X-Men.

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