Masters Of The Universe Buzz Off
Masters Of The Universe Buzz Off

Fan art predicts the look of a live-action Buzz Off in the hopefully forthcoming Masters of the Universe film. The franchise, headed by brother and sister He-Man and She-Ra, began as a toy line sold by Mattel in the 1980s. The series it spawned was one of the legions of cartoons designed purely to sell toys. Still, the characters attracted an enduring fanbase with campy sword and sorcery fun and memorable characters such as the goofball villain, Skeletor. The toys earned themselves an entire multimedia franchise, with the latest entry, Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power wrapping up earlier in 2020.

For a while, Sony has teased details of a Masters of the Universe live-action film in development. At the height of its likelihood, the film was slated for a 2021 release. The producers even cast rom-com star Noah Centineo in the lead role, and he started to bulk up to play a man named for his masculinity. Unfortunately, the film has been removed from the docket, with its release date given to the upcoming Uncharted movie. It’s no doubt the film has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, as it and countless other productions struggle to get off the ground.

However, digital artist George Evangelista (@georgeevangelista on Instagram) has been tiding over Masters of the Universe fans with mockups of the characters in glorious live-action. A digital artist based in Melbourne, Australia, Evangelista applies his hyperrealistic style to realize predictive works depicting characters from upcoming films. Having already tried his hand at the villains Beast Man and Mer-Man, it was only a matter of time before he tried his hand at a hero. Check out Buzz Off below:

Admittedly, He-Man’s bee-man doesn’t look too friendly in Evangelista’s fan art, but he does bring a unique spin to the character blending older and newer designs. The high-flying ally to the Heroic Warriors who spy on the evil Skeletor initially looked quite goofy, appearing to be a muscly man in a cutesy bee costume. In 2002 the character received a more wholly insectoid appearance, this time tinted green. Evangelista’s design blends the two, making Buzz Off appear intimidating though still clearly evoking a bee.

Though we may never see Buzz Off in the live-action Masters of the Universe film Sony promised, fans need not despair. Hot off the tails of its successful She-Ra series, Netflix is rolling out an original anime, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, directed by Kevin Smith. The series will undoubtedly hearken back to the original series that fans fell in love with, and boasts the honor of bringing Mark Hamill back to voice acting with the promise of portraying fan-favorite Skeletor. It seems He-Man and friends will not be buzzing off anytime soon.

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