X-23 Fan Art
X-23 Fan Art

Fan art imagines what Logan’s X-23 would look like in a classic X-Men costume. X-23 was the breakout star of 2017’s Logan, due in large part to Dafne Keen’s scene-stealing performance. She quickly became an audience favorite, with many viewers expressing their desire to see Keen lead a spinoff film as the now-iconic character. Logan director James Mangold was working on an X-23 movie script, but it’s now doubtful that project will ever see the light of day because of the Disney/Fox deal.

When it was originally released three years ago, Logan resonated strongly with moviegoers, as many consider it to be one of the best comic book movie adaptations ever made. Fans expressed their admiration for the film by sharing their pieces of Logan fan art, including one that gave Wolverine and Professor X a much happier ending. Unsurprisingly, X-23 received much love from fans, and now an illustration of her in classic X-Men garb has resurfaced.

Instagram user fajarekas posted a picture of X-23 wearing a classic yellow and black X-Men costume. This artwork was originally shared in March 2017, a couple of weeks after Logan premiered. It’s likely recirculating now because of recent comments Mangold made explaining why Wolverine didn’t wear his classic costume in Logan. Check it out in the space below.

Fox’s X-Men movies always had a peculiar relationship with the source material’s costumes. Wolverine’s “yellow spandex” was a punchline in the original film, which gave the team matching black uniforms. The closest fans got to ever seeing Wolverine’s comics costume onscreen was in a deleted scene from 2013’s The Wolverine. Jackman actually regrets he never got a chance to wear Wolverine’s costume, which is a sentiment some fans will share. According to Mangold, the outfit wasn’t included in Logan because he felt that film’s version of Wolverine wouldn’t wear something so “self-promoting,” which is understandable, but it still would have been nice to see it in action on the big screen. It’ll be interesting to see if Marvel Studios incorporates the Wolverine costume into the Marvel Cinematic Universe when they reboot the X-Men.

Unfortunately, odds are Keen won’t be wearing the costume any time soon. It’s been said Deadpool is the only Fox/Marvel character Disney won’t reboot, making it likely Keen’s X-23 tenure was a one-and-done affair. That’s definitely a shame, given that she was a clear standout in Logan and there would have been interesting in seeing her reprise the role. However, for the sake of clarity, Disney really has no choice but to push forward with a hard reboot, meaning Logan won’t be integrated into the MCU. Sadly, it looks like all fans can do is just imagine X-23’s future as opposed to watching it unfold.

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