Chucky Rex & Mr. Potato Head
Chucky Rex & Mr. Potato Head

Two new posters for Child’s Play have been released, this time with Chucky murdering Mr. Potato Head and Rex from Toy Story 4.

In two new posters (via Movie Web) for Child’s Play, Chucky has now killed Potato Head and the loveable dinosaur Rex. In the first poster, Chucky has driven a knife through the top of Potato Head and in the second, has melted the green plastic off of Rex. Check out both of the new posters below:

Previously, several prominent characters from Toy Story 4 have already been butchered by Chucky. This includes zapping Buzz Lightyear to death with a ray gun, roasting Slinky Dog over an open fire, and leaving a torn-apart Woody’s remains in a puddle of blood. Obviously, targeting these characters ties directly into Child’s Play sharing a premiere date with the anticipated Disney sequel.

In Child’s Play, Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Rec) and Gabriel Bateman (Lights Out) star as Karen and Andy Barclay, with Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) playing Detective Mike Norris. Mark Hamill (Star Wars) also stars as the new voice of Chucky. Trouble arises when Karen purchases a technologically-advanced Buddi doll named Chucky for Andy, unaware of its awareness and sinister intentions. Andy claims the doll is responsible when the murders start happening, and although they’re skeptical at first, Karen and Detective Norris will come to find there’s something horribly wrong going on with the boy’s Buddi doll.

Child’s Play is scheduled to release on June 21.

Source: ScreenRant

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