Concept art shows what the Green Ranger would have looked like in Power Rangers 2, had it ever happened. In 2017, Lionsgate rebooted the property for the big screen with a film that tried to make the superpowered Rangers more modern than ever. There were big plans for the Power Rangers franchise, with Lionsgate at one point aiming for six or seven sequels. Fans were initially excited for the film, but upon its release, Power Rangers was knocked with mixed reviews that dampened their hopes. To make matters worse, the film disappointed at the box office, grossing only $142.5 million worldwide. While Power Rangers still has some supporters, it’s clear Lionsgate was hoping for much better reception.

In 2018, Hasbro acquired the rights to Power Rangers and formed a deal with Paramount to make new films based on the property. For a time, it seemed like they were developing a sequel to the 2017 film. However, just last summer, star Dacre Montgomery (who played Jason, the Red Ranger) said that while a new Power Rangers film is in development, it likely won’t include the 2017 movie’s cast. This came as a blow to fans who were excited to see the future adventures of the characters. Aside from Montgomery, Power Rangers starred Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, and Becky G as the five Rangers.

Power Rangers fans were quick to note the film’s team was missing a key member: Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger. As Tommy is one of the most popular Power Rangers characters, it seemed like a surprising choice to keep him out of the film. However, the post-credits scene teased Tommy’s arrival, and fans were hopeful the sequel would finally bring him into the fray. While that seems unlikely now, fans can still see what he would have looked like in a piece of concept art from Awedope Arts. Check it out below:

Not getting to see Tommy in action might have been the biggest disappointment for fans, especially since there were so many stories that could have been explored with him. There was talk of flipping Tommy’s character and making him a girl, which certainly would have been an interesting twist. The 2017 Power Rangers found interesting new layers for some of the team members, like having Billy (Cyler) be autistic and Trini (Becky G) be gay.

Of course, now it’s all a case of what might have been since the property is likely being rebooted. Power Rangers have enough fans out there who might continue to campaign for a sequel if only to continue these characters’ journeys. For the time being, however, Power Rangers 2 and Tommy’s arrival remains a dream.

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