A new Twitter account has been launched by DC that will be the hub for all things Wonder Woman related going forward.

On Monday, DC Comics debuted an official Wonder Woman Twitter account, which is expected to chronicle all sorts of updates surrounding the iconic superheroine. The account made its debut with a tongue-in-cheek tweet about Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, as well as a message that “the champion of the Amazons has officially arrived”.

“More than the world’s most iconic female Super Hero, she is an Amazonian who will do everything to uphold the ideals of justice, peace, & equality,” the account’s bio reads.

@DCWonderWoman was registered in Jan. 2019, but it has flown under the radar as it hadn’t tweeted anything until the morning of June 17.

And no, it didn’t go unnoticed that the location is listed as “Themyscira.”

This is just the latest character-themed Twitter account that DC has made, with a Batman-centric account debuting shortly after Robert Pattinson was cast in The Batman. Given what’s in store for the Princess of Themyscira – namely, Wonder Woman 1984 arriving in theaters next summer – it’s safe to assume that the Wonder Woman account will have a lot to cover.

WW84 will follow Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) on a new adventure in the 1980s, which is expected to pave new ground for the character amongst mainstream audiences.

Source: ComicBook

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