Fantastic Four The Thing Deadpool
Fantastic Four The Thing Deadpool

Tim Miller shared some details from his version of Deadpool 2, which included a battle with The Thing from the Fantastic Four.

Speaking with The Playlist while promoting Dark Fate, Miller opened up about his original ideas for Deadpool 2. While the film’s theatrical version maintained Russel Collins/Firefist (Julian Dennison) in a pivotal role, there were some significant changes starting with the casting of “a [comic accurate] Cable who was 6 feet, 7 inches” unlike a smaller Josh Brolin for the gig. Plot-wise, Vanessa was eventually going to transform into a mutant herself as Copycat. Nathan Summers would’ve “cracked the secret to the Vanessa storyline” as her love story with Wade Wilson also getting a bigger focus. Miller said that even after his exit was confirmed, he “fought hard to have that in there.” Finally, fans would’ve witnessed “the Thing throwing down with Juggernaut” during the film’s climactic battle.

Tim Miller ended up departing Deadpool 2 over creative differences and went on to direct Terminator: Dark Fate. Despite the directorial change, Deadpool 2 still earned positive reviews and had great success at the box office.

Of course, the idea of  the Thing battling Juggernaut would’ve been cool to see on the big screen in Deadpool 2, but in hindsight, including it would’ve been made Deadpool’s iteration in the MCU more complicated. It’s still unknown how Kevin Feige will move forward with the franchise knowing that it won’t be rebooted like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four film series. In any case, now that all these characters are under Marvel Studios, seeing this happen isn’t that out of reach.

Do you wish the Fantastic Four ended up in Deadpool 2? Do you think we will see a crossover in the future with the Fantastic Four and Deadpool now under the control of Marvel Studios? Comment below!

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