Deadpool Marvel Studios
Deadpool Marvel Studios

Weeks after Ryan Reynolds paid a visit to the Marvel Studios office, rumors are now doing the rounds suggesting that the superhero movie production house has kicked-off work on Deadpool 3.

According to a report from HNEntertainment, Disney has filed for a new limited liability corporation for an upcoming production; the name of the company could indicate Disney and Marvel’s plans, as it is known simply as Finger Guns Productions LLC.

It’s possible this could be for another Marvel project, though the only other announced movie or series in development that would be Hawkeye, considering the hero uses his fingers to launch projectiles much like a gun if we’re doing some mental backflips to explain the name. Of course, production company names and working titles are little more than code words.

Meanwhile, a second report about Deadpool 3 sheds more light on Marvel’s plans. According to We Got This Covered, Marvel Studios is considering a crossover between Deadpool and a few other Avengers. The studio is eyeing Spider-Man, Nick Fury and/or the new Captain America. While it is an interesting scoop, we would suggest you take this story with a grain of salt. 

Deadpool X-Force

After Ryan Reynolds teased his meeting with the company, it seems like Marvel Studios is gearing up for the third installment in the Deadpool series — though it remains to be seen just how they’ll handle incorporating the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With Marvel’s yearly film slate expanding on top of multiple Disney+ shows, as well as inheriting the output of Marvel Television, it will be interesting to see just where Deadpool shows up next.

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