Deadpool and Harley Quinn
Deadpool and Harley Quinn

New fan-art brings Deadpool and Harley Quinn together. As comic book movie franchises thrive in the last several years, there’s also the rise of non-traditional superheroes to offer fans some variety. DC and Marvel have both introduced their anti-heroes with Ryan Reynolds and Margot Robbie’s respective characters among the most popular ones.

While both debuted in 2016, they were introduced quite differently. Firstly, Wade Wilson’s first proper foray into the big screen was through Tim Miller’s project, Deadpool. It’s worth noting that the character previously appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, however, but considering the quality of that movie, it’s rarely acknowledged when talking about the Merc With A Mouth’s movie history. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn was part of David Ayer’s ensemble film, Suicide Squad where fans get to learn a little bit about where she came from. Despite this, the characters were an instant hit with the public, meriting Deadpool 2 and Birds of Prey where fans were able to spend more time with them.

As people wait for their next movie outings, one fan decided to create a mash-up fan-art featuring the aforementioned characters. Known for their penchant for chaos and wicked sense of humor, the illustration by sweenystarlord teams up the anti-heroes for what seems like a wild and enjoyable adventure. Check out the image below:

Since the rise of superhero films, there has been an increasing interest in seeing crossovers between DC and Marvel, especially as they create their multiverses. While they’re mostly known for their friendly rivalry that dates back several decades ago, there’s also precedence to the idea in the comic books. That said, it doesn’t seem like that would translate into the big screen any time soon. Both Disney and Warner Bros. are focused on growing the MCU and DC Films respectively, and since there are still a lot of stories left to tell from franchises separately, there’s really no urgency to come up with a crossover that transcends brands. That said, if ever the time comes that this actually happens, one of the most interesting potential team-up will be between Deadpool and Harley Quinn considering their personalities.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to the characters’ big screen return. Harley Quinn is set to join a revamped Taskforce X in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad slated to come out next summer. Meanwhile, Deadpool’s future is a little bit murkier after Disney acquired Fox’s movie and TV assets, which means the rights to X-Men, Fantastic Four, and their tie-in characters including the Merch With A Mouth is now managed by Marvel Studios. With a stacked slate until 2022, no word yet when Wade Wilson will be off to a new adventure although Deadpool 3 is supposedly in development already.

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