Deadpool is the only character from Fox’s X-Men franchise not expected to get rebooted by Disney now that the deal is closed.

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In the wake of the Disney and Fox deal officially going into effect early this morning, THR reported an update on Fox’s X-Men characters now that they belong to Disney and its subsidiary, Marvel Studios. According to the report, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is the only X-Men character expected to transition to Disney as is, with all the other big screen X-Men expected to be recast and their stories rebooted.

Although we now know a little more about what will become of the X-Men in the wake of the Disney/Fox deal, there are still certain aspects that are unclear. At the very least, fans of the Merc with a Mouth can rest assured knowing Reynolds’ Deadpool is heading to Disney – even if none of the other X-Men characters will be joining him.

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Source: ScreenRant

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