Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2 Me Too Scene

Disney quietly deleted a sexual misconduct joke from the latest release of Toy Story 2.

With the debut of Toy Story 4 in theaters last month, Disney and Pixar recently re-released the entire series of Toy Story films on 4K, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD. Fans have been excited to see the even better-looking versions of the Toy Story films, though it appears the House of Mouse has actually pulled a sequence from Toy Story 2 with this new release.

As reported by Rerelease News, fans noticed that the release of the Toy Storyfilms on 4K Blu-ray has removed one particular blooper joke from the Toy Story 2 credits. The scene features Woody approaching Stinky Pete (voiced by Kelsey Grammer), who’s caught in the middle of a casting couch-style interaction with two Barbie dolls. Pete says, while chuckling lasciviously, “And so you two are absolutely identical? Y’know I’m sure I could get you a part in Toy Story 3.” But when Pete realizes he’s on camera, he quickly changes his tone to one of a mentor and shoos the girls away. 

This is a direct mirroring of the behavior exhibited by executives and older actors in Hollywood that have used their power and leverage as a way to assault, manipulate, and harass women. It’s especially concerning given that the film was directed by John Lassetter, the former head of Pixar who was forced to leave the company after allegations against his workplace conduct were brought to light.

You can check out the now-deleted scene of Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2 in the video above.

Source: ComicBook