inspector gadget movie
inspector gadget movie

Disney is developing a live-action movie reboot of the Inspector Gadget franchise. 

According to THR, Disney has hired writers Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell (Saturday Night Live) to work on a new Inspector Gadget live-action movie, with Jonathan Eirich and Dan Lin (the live-action Aladdin) producing. Day and Seidell are also working on a reboot of the Home Alone films for the Disney Plus streaming service.

For those who might not know, Inspector Gadget was something of a staple in programming blocks aimed at children back in the 1980s and 1990s. The American-Canadian collaboration centered around a police inspector that resembled an extremely lighthearted Robocop. The gruff but determined Chief Quimby sent the hero out to thwart all manner of evil schemes. He had all sorts of gizmos hardwired into his body and solved cases with his niece Penny and her dog Brain. Gadget’s nemesis was the evil Dr. Claw who led an organization called M.A.D. (Fun fact: that acronym has multiple meanings that were never really clarified.)

For the time being, it’s not clear if the new Inspector Gadget movie is being developed as a Disney Plus exclusive or for a theatrical release. Day and Seidell’s involvement suggests it could go straight to streaming, much like the last live-action film went straight to the home market. The 1999 movie didn’t exactly rock the box office either, so streaming might be the safer route to go, anyway.

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