E.T. 2019 Holiday Commercial
E.T. 2019 Holiday Commercial

E.T., that beloved movie alien, has returned to Earth – to do a commercial.

Thanksgiving has become a holiday where loved ones gather together and reminisce on their best memories with one another. Of course, nostalgia plays a major factor in the holiday, and it seems like Xfinity knows that very well. And to celebrate the season, the company just gave fans the E.T. sequel they have always dreamt about.

As you can see above, the Xfinity video is a rather long one. The promo clocks in at nearly five minutes and follows a very familiar character. Elliot, the little boy who audiences fell in love with decades ago, returns as an adult in this clip. After all of these years, Elliot has grown into a man with a wife and two children. He has an older son and young daughter to keep track of, but things get haywire when a friend from the past shows up.

The new ad, crafted by Omnicom Group’s Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, shows E.T. back on Earth once more, in a grown Elliott’s front yard. He hangs out with the man’s family, who show him how to surf the web with Comcast’s Xfinity and use an Xfinity remote to call up holiday movies on a big-screen TV. He helps Elliott’s kids fly on their bicycles, a nod to one of the most memorable scenes in the original.  A graphic on-screen urges viewers to “Reconnect for the holidays.”

“Our goal is to show how Xfinity and Sky technology connects family, friends and loved ones, which is so important during the holidays,” said Peter Intermaggio, senior vice president for marketing communications at Comcast Cable, in a prepared statement. “The classic friendship between E.T. and Elliott resonates around the world, and their story became a very meaningful way to bring our company’s consumer technology to life.”

In the U.S., a two-minute commercial will also appear Thanksgiving Day on Fox during its 12:30 p.m. eastern NFL game, on CBS during its 4:30 p.m. eastern NFL game, and  again NBC during the 8:20 p.m. NFL game. Comcast’s Syfy cable network will run the entire four-minute short between airings of “E.T.” on Thanksgiving night. Comcast also plans to run it across broadcast network and national cable networks, online, in social media and in cinemas. It can also be seen by Xfinity customers who utter “E.T. Phone Home” into their voice remote.

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