Deadpool Wolverine Fan Art
Deadpool Wolverine Fan Art

Deadpool and Wolverine are two of comic fans’ favorite antiheroes. Unfortunately, while the two were adapted for the big screen in roughly the same era, fans never got to see them star in a film together, not including the widely panned X-Men Origins film. One superfan has created their own depiction of what it might have looked like.

Instagram user SPDRMNKYXXIII, a freelance artist from Saudia Arabia, posted the dream team together in an image depicting Wolverine carrying the Merc with the Mouth away, seemingly after a battle. He tagged both Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds and the X-Men franchise’s Hugh Jackman, writing in the caption, “So who do i need to talk to and make this movie happen?”

Reynolds has made several off-screen and on-screen pleas for Jackman to reprise the iconic role of Wolverine once last time for Deadpool, some as part of the joke feud that has been going on between them since 2008. While the two do not currently have a superhero film as a joined project, they did recently put their antics aside to raise a COVID-19 relief fund through the All in Challenge, in which they will raffle off the chance to have them help run a lemonade stand.

The photo bringing their two characters together is just one of many fan art creations by the user, with his artwork varying from portrayals of popular DC Universe characters, such as Batman and Green Lantern, to characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones and Netflix’s The Witcher.

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