Ghostbusters Afterlife IMAX poster
Ghostbusters Afterlife IMAX poster

A new IMAX poster for Ghostbusters: Afterlife gives fans another look at the classic Ecto-1 vehicle and proton pack in action. The original Ghostbusters film, released back in 1984, became a big hit with audiences and led to Ghostbusters II five years later. After a failed reboot with Ghostbusters in 2016, Afterlife promises to take the franchise back to its roots, and even includes several of the original characters.

Afterlife is directed by Jason Reitman, son of original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, and is a direct sequel to Ghostbusters II. The film stars Paul Rudd, Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, and Carrie Coon, and tells the story of a single mother and her two children stumbling upon the old Ghostbusters vehicle, the Ecto-1, and a ghost-capturing proton pack. Based on the trailers, the film will attempt to capture the same magic and tone of the original films while introducing Ghostbusters to an entirely new generation of moviegoers.

A new poster released for the IMAX version of Ghostbusters: Afterlife provides a new look at the battered Ecto-1 and Phoebe, played by Mckenna Grace, wielding the proton pack from the vehicle’s extendable back seat. The proton beam extends up into the sky with the sky itself seemingly disintegrating, showing the magnitude of the otherworldly threat Afterlife’s characters will be going up against. The description that accompanies the new poster touts the benefits of seeing the film in IMAX, including a larger screen, crisper images, and more immersive audio that transport audiences into the movie itself. Check out the new IMAX poster for Ghostbusters: Afterlife below:

The new poster, coupled with the film’s trailers, hint that the ghostly presence this time around will be unlike that of any other Ghostbusters film. With dark, electrified clouds, huge crevices splitting the Earth open, and the return of several notable creatures from past Ghostbusters movies, the promotional material for Afterlife makes it clear that events will happen on a bigger scale than ever before. Even though the Ecto-1 and proton pack are now over 30 years old, the image suggests they’re both still in good working order and more than capable of dealing with ectoplasm threats.

Afterlife seems to be a noticeable turn away from what the Ghostbusters reboot did in 2016, taking the franchise back to its roots while introducing a new cast of characters that will drive the Ecto-1 and don the proton packs. The only things missing so far are the original beige Ghostbusters jumpsuits worn by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson in the original film. With Murray, Aykroyd, and Hudson all expected to reprise their roles for Afterlife, however, it seems inevitable that the beige jumpsuits will make a return alongside all of the other original equipment. Ghostbusters: Afterlife releases exclusively in theaters on November 19th.