The cat’s out the bag: Captain Marvel‘s early screenings crown Goose the Cat as the film’s scene-stealer. Out in less than two months, the next Marvel Studios film will officially debut Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, but it looks like her feline friend has stolen the show.

The cat was actually a key character in Marvel Comics. The house cat goes by the name of Chewie in the comic books but has been renamed Goose for the purposes of the Captain Marvel movie. It’s an interesting choice considering Spider-Man: Homecoming acknowledges the existence of Star Wars movies within the MCU. However, given the fact that Captain Marvel is set in 1990s, the Top Gun influence might simply be more important to the character of Carol Danvers.

We first spotted Goose the cat nuzzling up to Nick Fury at the end of the second Captain Marvel trailer. Since then, everyone’s fallen in love with the furry little critter. He’s even got his own poster. Yet, the reason why people can’t get enough of the little guy in the final cut of the movie is probably due to the fact he’s hiding a secret. According to a tweet from journalist Steven Weintraub, the Captain Marvel screening ended with “everyone talking about the cat.” Because of course.

It’s also unclear whether or not Goose will be a Flerken,an intergalactic species, in disguise, which Carol’s cat is in the comics. A number of science-fiction elements come into play due to Chewie’s alien race but none have been on display in Captain Marvel trailers or promotional materials so far. Fans, however, are hoping Carol’s pet will feature those comic book roots and play a key part in the film, as a result.

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