John David Washington as Green Lantern
John David Washington as Green Lantern

A Green Lantern fan poster imagines a Christopher Nolan movie starring John David Washington. DC has long struggled with Green Lantern onscreen. Ryan Reynolds famously starred in a 2011 movie featuring the Hal Jordan version of the hero, which was a critical and commercial flop. Since then, Reynolds has often mocked the film, even making jokes about it in Deadpool 2. Luckily, there are some exciting Green Lantern projects in the works. A Green Lantern Corps movie has long been in development, though there have been few updates of late. More concretely, Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti is working on a Green Lantern show for HBO Max, which will feature two Lanterns, as well as Sinestro.

Many are hoping the John Stewart Green Lantern will play a role in one or both projects. It would be exciting to see Arrow‘s David Ramsey in the part, as his Green Lantern future was teased during the series finale. However, Washington has become a popular pick as well, partly fueled by a recent interview with Tenet director Nolan. In it, Washington couldn’t say if he would be interested in playing Green Lantern, though Nolan stated he “would be an excellent choice.” Nolan has a history with DC and superhero films due to his work on The Dark Knight trilogy, which could make for an exciting pairing.

Artist ApexForm imagined just that, recently creating a fan poster of the potential movie. In it, Washington stars as John Stewart, while Nolan is listed as director at the bottom. Check out the Green Lantern poster below:

This isn’t the first time an artist has imagined Washington in the role. Recent art offered a Green Lantern twist on the actor’s Tenet character, while another piece showed him alongside Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan. Washington has been considered an exciting choice for awhile, but the idea of Nolan directing adds an interesting element. Tenet proved the two work well together. More importantly, Nolan’s Batman movies have stood the test of time, still considered to be among the superhero genre’s best, despite the dozens of films that have come out since.

The fan poster makes it easy to imagine Washington and Nolan teaming up for a Green Lantern movie. It’s hard to say at this time if Nolan would be interested in directing another comic book film. However, it seems likely he could make Green Lantern stand out from the pack, finally fixing DC’s problem with the character once and for all.

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