Blumhouse’s Halloween Kills will officially begin production later this week in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Halloween Kills is slated to hit theaters next October, followed by Halloween Ends in 2021. We’re still about a year away from more big-screen Halloween action, but the cast and crew are starting work on the anticipated sequel later this week. In fact, the cameras on Halloween Kills will begin rolling on Thursday, September 12th.

According to WECT, Halloween Kills will begin filming scenes this Thursday in Wilmington, North Carolina. This comes from a film permit application that was released by the city, and it mentions that dialogue for news coverage will be filmed in the area. Now, the mention of news coverage being filmed could indicate that Halloween Kills will pick up where the 2018 film left off. However, this doesn’t mean the entire film will be set immediately after the last entry, but hopefully, this is the direction it goes in.

Jamie Lee Curtis Michael Myers Halloween
Jamie Lee Curtis Michael Myers Halloween

The sequels are being developed by Universal and Blumhouse, just like the 2018 reboot. Jason Blum will continue to produce while David Gordon Green will again direct. The latter will be co-writing the script with frequent collaborator and production partner Danny McBride. The duo brought the Halloween reboot to life with Blum and are currently working on HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones, which was recently picked up for a second season.

With production set to begin later this week, fans should expect to see a few set pictures appear online. Michael and Laurie will presumably fight to the death before this new trilogy is over, but who makes it out alive will be left up to the writing team. Michael Myers isn’t going anywhere for at least another two years, as fans still have Halloween Ends to look forward to once Halloween Kills arrives in theaters.

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