Halloween Kills Michael Myers
Halloween Kills Michael Myers

New set photos for the upcoming Halloween sequel, Halloween Kills have leaked and may have teased a flashback to the original film.

Last year’s Halloween was meant to serve as a direct sequel to the original film, using the narrative to recall the events of the film instead of depicting the events of that fateful night. It’s unclear what the flashback sequences could explore, but with 40 years having passed between Michael Myers’ massacre in 1978 and last year’s film, there’s a few narrative gaps that could be filled in.

The above images are relatively ambiguous, but a few key factors could confirm the scene being filmed is set to take place in 1978. In the first photo, the decorations adorning the house appear to be a more vintage style, including the witch decoration on the front door. In the second photo, Michael Myers is wearing his signature mask and, while it’s tough to determine how old it is, it looks more similar to how it appeared in the original film than its decayed appearance in last year’s film.

In the final photo, we see an unmasked Michael Myers, who looks much younger than he would be in the present day. He was roughly 21 years old when he committed his murders in 1978, making him 62 in present day. The identity of the performer is unknown, though they look much closer in age to 1978 Michael Myers than the present-day age.

Halloween Kills is the follow-up to last year’s hit film, which became a box office smash breaking numerous horror records and ended up grossing an impressive $255.5 million worldwide on a $10 million budget. Danny McBride co-wrote the script with David Gordon Green and Jeff Fradley.

Halloween Kills lands in theaters on October 16, 2020.

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