The new Hellboy can’t stand up to Shazam! in its opening weekend at the box office. Hellboy will open in third place, earning $12 million from 3,303 locations.

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A $50 million-budgeted, R-rated Hellboy reboot that pleased absolutely nobody this weekend, earning miserable reviews and $12 million over the weekend. It’s way below the $23 million debut of Hellboy in 2004 and the $35 million debut of Hellboy II: The Golden Army in 2008. 

This is a reboot that existed purely because it is somewhat known, not because it was demanded by anyone. Even if you’d argue that nostalgia and changing demographics would’ve made a third Ron Perlman Hellboy into a bigger deal, this R-rated reboot did little to entice newbies while alienating the faithful fanbase.

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Source: Forbes

(HELLBOY Final Trailer (Extended) 2019)