To no one’s surprise, the Hellboy reboot star David Harbour (Stranger Things) has confirmed that there are no plans for any Hellboy sequels in the future. 

According to Harbour, the film’s producers have not approached him to reprise the title role for a potential sequel and doubts there are any active plans for one, following the new film’s disastrous reception.

“There’s a lot of people who reach out to me who really loved it and really enjoyed the new take, and were just happy to see him back on the screen, but I know in the culture at large, I don’t think it was very well received,” observed Harbour in an interview with

Although Harbour stated he doesn’t keep track of things like box office performance, he did address Hellboy’s disappointing worldwide gross, stating:

“I don’t think it made a lot of money. I don’t really keep up with those things too much to be honest, but I don’t think the perception was that it was a hit; and so, in that way, I don’t know that the risk is worth it. I think the idea is to move on. The producers spoke to me just saying ‘Great job;’ they really liked what I did, but I haven’t heard anything about a sequel, and I’m not hanging my hat on anything like that.”

The reboot earned a disappointing $21.9 million at the domestic box office on a reported production budget of $50, not including marketing and distribution costs.

Hellboy will be available on digital HD on July 9 and 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD on July 23.

Source: CBR

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