Superman and Black Adam
Superman and Black Adam

Henry Cavill’s Superman and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam face off in a new piece of DC Extended Universe fan art. Cavill was the star who kicked off the DCEU with 2013’s Man of Steel, and he would continue to be one of its key members over the next few years. He appeared in two more films – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League – and clearly was supposed to appear in more, but now his future in the DCEU is uncertain. As Warner Bros. begins to shift the DCEU away from a shared universe format, it sounds like they’re leaving Cavill’s Superman behind. Amy Adams (who played Lois Lane) said as much, and while Cavill has expressed his hope at playing the character again, there are no concrete plans to bring him back at this point in time.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s time in the DCEU is just about to begin. After trying to get a Black Adam movie made since 2008, Johnson will finally get the chance to play the DC comics anti-hero in his own solo movie. Black Adam is currently slated for release in December 2021, though the start of filming was recently pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Regardless, Johnson is very excited to begin, and fans are equally eager to see him take on the role.

The DCEU’s past and future come together in this new fan poster, which was shared by digital artist Yadvender Singh Rana. In it, Superman and Black Adam come face to face in a twist on the Batman v Superman posters. It also gives fans an idea of what Johnson might look like as Black Adam. You can see it for yourself in the space below:

DC fans would likely love to see this showdown, especially since Johnson once said Black Adam could totally take on the Justice League. With the state of Cavill’s DCEU future uncertain, there’s a good chance this will never come to pass on the big screen. As disappointing as that is, it’s fun to imagine what it would look like. It would certainly be quite the superpowered fight.

Fans can still prepare themselves to see Black Adam take on some other DCEU heroes. Now that Shazam (Zachary Levi), Black Adam’s arch-enemy, exists in the DCEU as well, fans are hoping the two will cross paths in Shazam 2. Levi himself has said he’s hoping for some big fights with Black Adam, and it wouldn’t make sense for the two of them to not interact on screen. It just might be a while before it happens, since Shazam 2 is scheduled for 2022. Luckily, Black Adam will arrive sooner. As for Man of Steel 2, well… only time will tell.

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