Henry Cavill's Superman Battles Brainiac
Henry Cavill's Superman Battles Brainiac

Henry Cavill’s Superman battles the Man of Steel’s traditional foe, Brainiac. While multiple different actors have played the Boy in Blue throughout the years, Cavill is the latest to take up the helm. Most specifically, Cavill has played Superman in the past few DCEU films, including Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. 

However, while Superman certainly has his fair share of enemies, none have a more formidable history with him than Brainiac, an extraterrestrial android who, in some iterations, is the mastermind behind the destruction of Superman’s home planet of Krypton. While Brainiac has made his fair share of appearances against Superman in the DC Animated Universe, he has yet to surface against Cavill’s Superman within the DCEU.

Yadvender Singh Rana, an artist who goes by the Instagram handle of ultraraw26, envisions Cavill’s Superman going head to head with Brainiac in an incredible piece of digital art. The artwork shows Cavill’s Superman dressed in his traditional red and blue suit, with the cape billowing out on either side of him. Behind Cavill looms an ominous Brainiac, with six spider-like arms and the trademark head diodes. The background is done in hues of orange and brown, with a light further back in the image, giving the appearance of a swirling vortex. You can check out Rana’s incredible piece below:

In his caption, Rana celebrates how Cavill will be staying in the DCEU for quite some time, writing how Cavill will remain in the DC universe for another “5-6 movies…to reprise his role of Superman.” Rana’s caption comes after speculation of whether Cavill will indeed remain in the DCEU, particularly following ongoing criticism about his portrayal of Superman. However, Cavill’s defenders have long argued that there’s nothing wrong with how he plays Superman; instead, the underlying issue is the uncertain direction and unresolved complexity of the DCEU. That being said, it’s clear Rana is one Cavill fan that will defend the latter’s Superman until the end.

Although Cavill’s Superman and Brainiac have yet to grapple on the big screen, the resulting fight will be nothing short of epic. With many fans hoping for a sequel to Man of Steel, Brainiac would be in the prime position to snag the role as the central villain. For now, while it’s unknown if this hope will translate into a tangible result, viewers will be eagerly holding out to see if a Superman vs. Brainiac face-off is in the cards.

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