Home Alone Top 10 Quotes
Home Alone Top 10 Quotes

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to watch our favorite Christmas movies over and over. One of the most memorable is Home Alone, where little Kevin McCallister terrorizes two would-be thieves causing family laughter ever holiday season. Home Alone is easily the most quoted holiday movie of all time. Below you will find our top 10 quotes of all time from this beloved holiday classic.

10. “Kevin, You’re Such A Disease” – Jeff

Every kid’s favorite insult to call their best friend after watching this film.

9. “Fuller! Go easy on the Pepsi!” – Leslie

Just hearing that line made me cringe each time I heard it. Kevin lucked out not having to sleep with Fuller.

8. “Why the hell you dressed like a chicken?” – Marv

Seems like an appropriate question to some dressed like this.

7. “Keep The Change You Filthy Animal”- Gangster Johnny

OK. As a child watching this I had to think is this for real? Gangster Johnny was one mean sun of a gun.

6. “Guys, I’m eating junk and watching rubbish! You better come out and stop me!” – Kevin

Kevin’s first moment of full bliss having no parents at home. The film does a great job showing what a child would actually do if they were left home alone.

5. “Kevin!” – Mrs. McCallister

Who can forget this iconic scream? I’m sure any parent who left their child behind would have a similar reaction.

4. “You’re what the french call les incompetent” – Linnie

Definitely was in inspiration for making tons of wanting to learn French.

3. “Look What You Did You Little Jerk” – Uncle Frank

Who could forget Uncle Frank. I think we’ve all had that uncle who we can’t stand, especially around the holidays.

2. “Buzz Your Girlfriend, Woof” – Kevin

This 4-word punchline is hands down the funniest of the film. ICYDK Buzz’s girlfriend is actually the art director’s son. The director didn’t want the scene to come off as mean spirited so they dressed the son up as a goofy, ugly, funny looking girlfriend.

1. “Ahhhhhh!” – Kevin

Arguably the most iconic scene of the film. As a kid I had no clue what he was putting on his face and why he was screaming, but nonetheless thought it was hilarious. Pretty sure every child who watched this movie has recreated that scene in their house.

Let us know which Home Alone quote is your favorite. Would you add any to our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.