Edward Norton The Incredible Hulk
Edward Norton The Incredible Hulk

Edward Norton says he would be open to an MCU return as a Marvel movie villain.

Speaking with Total Film (hat tip Games Radar), Norton was asked about stepping back into the world of Marvel. Check out his comments in the space below:

“Maybe as a baddie? Maybe I’ll write my own. I don’t know, I’m open to everything. I mean, I did Ask the StoryBots on Netflix.”

The actor, of course, was part of the franchise in its earliest days, starring as Bruce Banner in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. That was his lone appearance in the series, as creative differences between Norton and Marvel proved too great to overcome. Mark Ruffalo took over the role beginning in 2012’s The Avengers and instantly became a fan-favorite, reprising the part in five additional films over the past handful of years.

The notion is perplexing, considering Norton does seem to have his own quarrels with 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. “The Hulk was… I felt sad that what [director] Louis [Leterrier] and I set out to do, in terms of taking more of a Chris Nolan approach to making something that was a little more dark and serious, they ended up sort of neutering,” Norton said. “I wanted to make a big CGI movie and learn and see stuff. I grew up on the Hulk, I loved it. And actually people really liked the movie. You know, kids love the movie. It’s another one of those things: the amount of noise that people whip up around it. It’s so silly. I couldn’t be more happy to have been part of that whole tradition.”

A villain might actually be a strong fit for someone like Norton. There was a time when the MCU villains were generally the weakest aspects of the movies, but that’s changed in recent installments. The likes of Michael B. Jordan, Michael Keaton, Josh Brolin, and Jake Gyllenhaal have done a tremendous job playing MCU antagonists, crafting characters that are well-rounded and impactful. Perhaps Norton could come in and have a one-off role as a compelling villain, leaving his mark on the franchise he helped kick off more than a decade ago.

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